Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We are getting ready for our 5th Tandem Skydive for Down syndrome. Mark your calendars for April 26th. Anyone interested in jumping out of a perfectly good airplane and raising money for DSACT please leave a comment. We have had some awesome friends and family who have enjoyed a great experience while raising money for an awesome cause. We love and appreciate you all. You can also visit http://www.dsact.com/ and read more about past jumps. Not only have we had family and friends jump but two adults that just happen to have Down syndrome have also participated in past jumps. Enjoy the pictures I have posted from past jumps. Blue Skys to all!


Kristen said...

If I lived in Central Texas, I do believe that I would highly consider it! How fun!

I love your background too! I just saw that today on CBOTB and considered changing mine up.

Little Miss E said...

Wow, and I thought people have guts to jump in freezing cold water. That's NOTHING compaired to this!