Saturday, April 11, 2009

Clarrissa's Shower

I'm gonna be a Great-Aunt! My niece Clarrissa is having a baby boy next month. Boy, I'm getting old! We had a shower for her today and she got alot of awesome presents for Baby-boy Carrillo. He doesn't have a name yet so if you have any good boy names send them my way. She is not very big at all, so when me and Grandma took her to register I had to be sure and tell the sales clerk up front it was for her not me, even though I'm the one that looks pregnant. Her mother asked the Dr. about this and she said it could be due to scar tissue she has from a surgery she had when she was just a few days old. Where do I sign up for this? Don't I have scar tissue from a c-sec with Rustin and I'm not even pregnant and my stomach continues to grow. Hmmm? This girl eats like a bird and she is so picky. I once took her to Sirloin paid for a buffet for her and she ate cucumbers. Cucumbers people for $7bucks or how ever much it cost.

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Anonymous said...

to much for her not to eat anything. You can take her to red lobster she eats the $22.00 plate and eats it all.