Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Wow! Has it really been 17 years? You are so lucky I have always been there from the time you were born and your parents wanted to name you that "other name" and we made them change it right there in the hospital now you have a beautiful name to go with that beautiful face...Alyssa Gabrielle aka Alyssa-bear! Always remember that I am there for you from your very first haircut (not Aunt Rochelle) when I saved you from going blind or cross-eyed with that one long piece that hung in your eyes and your parents were so mad. They thought you would never talk now look at all the minutes they have to pay for on your cell. Forget about the time when the firecracker took off and caught your shirt on fire. We put out those flames.. Remember when I would take you and Jeremy aka Bubba and Clarrissa aka Claire-bear to see Elmo and Barney and you were so scared you crawled over all of us to get away from the monsters. Just Remember I'm the one you stayed with when your parents finally got hitched and just forget about how your mom wouldn't buy wet wipes and she said to use wet paper towels. We got thru that poop too! Just remember all the times I had to pick you up from school when your mom decided to further her education and you were the only kid I knew that would start on your homework the minute you got in the car. How lucky for you that I was able to leave work and take you to school when you missed the bus and now you have your own car. Next year you will be a senior. I can't believe it you have grown from a beautiful baby to a beautiful young lady with a big heart. We love you! Has it really been 17 years? Happy Birthday Alyssa-bear!

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