Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jeremy turns 20!

It's hard to believe that my first born son will be 20 tomorrow! Wow! He has been an awesome kid and teenager full of adventure and he taught us so much about being all boy since my family is all girls. I have always admired his zest for life. Although he tends to get a little zesty some times. He has always made friends easy and never judged anyone. It seems like yesterday he was going to daycare and would only stay without throwing a fit if this little girl was there and now he leaves his teenage years and enters into adulthood the unknown. Always the ladies man. He has a great love for the outdoors fishing and hunting. He can ice skate like nobodies business. I didn't even know he knew how until we took him and his cousins one day and he just took off on the ice like nothing. He use to love to roller blade and practice karate in the kitchen. He has always been like a fish as he was nearly born in the pool. It seems like yesterday his two grandmothers were racing past 18wheelers taking me and his dad to S&W in Temple for the waited birth of the first grandchild and first nephew to his aunts. Grandma Virginia blew out the motor in her Blazer the very next day. We are spending the day together going to a movie and lunch at Alamo Draft house and Friday night we will celebrate with family and friends with pizza, wings, and cake. I love you very much and always shoot for the moon!


Naivar said...

Oh, I can't believe Jeremy is 20. How time flies!! I hope you have a wonderful day together.

Naivar said...

Oh and I love the pictures!