Friday, June 19, 2009

My Dad was a hard worker from sun up to way past sun down he loved to farm and raise cattle he owned his own electrical contractor business, he loved to hunt, and raise bird dogs. He was a quiet gentle giant a father to 6 girls (yes you read right 6 girls) 11 grandchildren. I never write about this b/c it is so hard. My cherished memories are when I was in the hospital from a car wreck he would come ever night after hours and after he was done working in the fields and sit with me and when it was time for him to head home he would wipe my tears w/his big hands and let me know it was gonna be alright and I would be home soon to take care of Jeremy and of course he was right. He was our rock. I love you and miss you everyday.


Naivar said...

That is so sweet and it made me cry. Your dad was such a wonderful person. Very quiet but I was still scared of him sometimes. I know you miss him a bunch. It is so hard sometimes. I wish so much that my dad could have known my kids. He was so good with my cousins and I know he would have been a wonderful grandpa.

Anonymous said...

Yes our dad was a wonderful father!! I miss him alot!!!