Friday, June 19, 2009

Rustin's Update

We are gonna be needing new glasses while I was at the Buddy Walk meeting Troy didn't see him give the dog his glasses and he chewed the side up and I think they will break anytime. Rustin saw the ENT today and one of his tubes is out but his hearing was good so we will check again in 3 months. We follow up with the Eye Dr in July to see if his RX has changed any. I ordered the Honey Bear Cup to teach him how to drink from a straw so we will let you know how that goes, he is self feeding more with finger foods but still working on the spoon thing. We finally have an evaluation for speech for the summer. He is saying more words and picking up more signs. The Dr. said "He is so big what are you feeding him?" He doesn't think he's gonna need his tonsils out but we will wait and see about replacing the tubes. We got the email today that the traveling afghan is coming to us next week from SC. We can't wait! Such a cool idea!

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