Saturday, September 5, 2009

Idaho or Bust!

Jeremy left on a roadtrip to Idaho with his friend that is relocating there. A 4 day roadtrip going thru Ok, Co, Wy, Ut, and than to Idaho. I think they were trying to include as many states as they could on their trip. They finally made it to Moutain Home Idaho and he has been enjoying the moutains and fishing. He said they fish differently than we do here. What ever that means. He flies home on Wednesday having to be at the airport at 6:30am. (he is not a morning person) flying to LAX and having to change planes (this is a little scary he has never flown before much less by his self) and than on to Austin Tx. Pray for his safe arrival.

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Naivar said...

I'm glad Jeremy is having a fun trip. So are you going to call him Wednesday morning and make sure he is awake. The LAX plane change would worry me as well but I bet he will be fine. I'll say prayers for you both.