Sunday, November 15, 2009

LP/Camp Grace/Caycee Bday

Saturday was a busy day! We started off at the Learning Program hosted by DSACT at 8AM in South Austin which is a little bit of a drive for us. To say the least Rustin was not cooperating well. He was not interested in doing the games or the words or finding his name on the board. Such is life!! We had breakfast IHOP! Yummy! We went to Toys R Us to buy a Bday present for our little friend Caycee who was celebrating her 1st bday. I signed Rustin up for Camp Grace which is a day camp for kids with special needs that does alot of fun things with them while giving the parents a day respite. So we hung around in S. Austin since it was at the same place that hosts the LP which also houses the Rise School. We dropped Rustin off and we thought we would catch a movie but the movies didn't work out with our schedule. We thought we might see Couples Retreat looks really funny but it didn't get out until 4:30 which is the time we were suppose to pick up Rustin so we just walked around the mall. Something me and Troy never do. Sat and had Ice cream in the food court and did some people watching! Can you believe Santa is already at the mall? The only good thing about that is there is no line parents have to wait in while keeping there kids occupied. We ended up picking up Rustin a little early from camp. He had a great time but mom and dad seemed to have been lost without him. We than went to Caycee's party and had a great time with friends.

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