Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Rustin started Hippotherapy this month! Yeah!! I have been waiting 4 1/2 years to put him on a horse. We did the Xray for AAI when he was 3 the radiologist said he was positive. I didn't like that answer an wanted someone to explain n show it all to me so it was aloooonnnggg wait to see the pedi orthopedic Dr. but we finally got in and he did another xray and compared the two and said he was negative and the radiologist should have never marked him positive. Scary!

The first 10 mins of our first session did not go well. Rustin did not want to wear the helmet. He only wears hats on his terms. We sat him on the horse and he was fine. She started to walk him and he freaked that I wasn't there. The first couple go around I had to walk along side after that they faded me out. They played all kinds of games and talked and when it came time for the session to be over he said"GO" he didn't want to get off. We will see how are next one goes...

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