Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Do you ever feel like you just got slapped across the face without the actual slap? I felt that way this weekend. I was in my local Wally world and I ran into a young man with DS. I began to make conversation with him and a woman appeared and I asked if this was mom. She said no she was his care giver and I preceded to tell her that I had a little with DS and she began to tell me "well bless your heart because it takes a lot to deal with THESE PEOPLE" (Insert slap in face here). I was so torn between wanting to slap her in the face and go off on her but instead I just walked away. It made me real sad made me wonder about the future of who will be caring for Rustin if I'm gone. Will they think the same way?

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Ellie said...

She shouldnt work with people at all! What an idiot!