Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some stories have to be told...
Yesterday when I go to pick up Rustin from school...
Teacher1: Did you send Rustin to school with his glasses?
Mom: Of course.
Teacher1: Well he never made it in here with them so YOU might look for them in the drop off room.
So me and Rustin go down to the drop off room looking all around in the toys etc.
Teacher2(aka drop off room teacher): I heard you were looking for Rustin's glasses
Mom: Yes.
Teacher2: I always see him trying to put them in the trash(so she preceeds to look in the trash like she knew exactly where they were) Here they are at the bottom of the trash. It's a good thing they haven't taken the trash out to the dumpster. That would be no fun digging thru the dumpster.
Mom:(thinking to myself) No fun for YOU. Unless you want to pay $175.00 for a new pair.

Today they have moved the trash can out in the hallway of the drop off room. I guess she had a dream last night she was sifting through the dumpster!!

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