Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things that p--- me off!! Rustin and I are shopping in our local HEB and one of the workers comes up to us and is talking to Rustin and he ask me "Are his eyes that bad that he needs glasses?" No he just wears them for fun!! Dah!! Than he says "We have one of these guys that works here" One of what guys? Rustin is the only one of HIMSELF I know. "You know with Down Syndrome and nothing gets past him." First of all the guy had a disability his self so you would think he wouldn't want anyone referring to him in this manner and second Why would anything get past him because he just happens to have Down Syndrome?? It makes me wonder about people sometime. My husband's response to the incident was "Oh please tell me you didn't report this to his manager? Maybe he felt since he had a disability himself that he could speak openly to you. Hmm?!

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